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We are a 100+ award-winning, Laravel & Vue partner software design, development, and growth marketing agency from Tbilisi. In 8 years, we have taken 300+ products from zero to hero using Vue, Laravel, React and React Native for clients ranging from startups and government institutions to international agencies and enterprises.


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Redberry was born in 2014 as a four friends’ venture to bring digital transformation to the brick-to-mortar business in Georgia. Today, we are more than 150 and represent the biggest Georgian agency. We are multifaceted in every way - technology, services, people. We accompany our clients along the entire product journey - from product design to development to its growth. We boast a 100+ international award-winning team of legendary UX/UI designers, software developers, DevOps engineers, project managers, scrum masters, digital strategists, copywriters, content creators, and growth hackers. So call us your swiss-army-knife digital partner if you like; we do.

While we are a top-tier agency, one of the most beautiful things about us is our location, both literally and metaphorically. We are based in Georgia (country, not the state), where IT outsourcing is almost tax-free. As a result, our EU and US-based partner startups, agencies, and companies enjoy a longer runway and more significant project margins. Luckily, we have a substantial capacity and easy access to the rapidly growing local tech talent, so we are our clients’ reliable and scalable partner.

Besides being an official Laravel and now Vue Partner software house, we are a Google and Facebook partner creative growth agency, making us an ideal, full-service partner for 80+ companies of all sizes to grow their business progressively. It has also earned us the Best Agency of the Year titles twice in 3 years, 2019 and 2021. Our client’s business is our business, so we remain results-oriented at all times, on and off work hours, weekdays and weekends, to ensure we deliver the solutions that drive your business results. That mindset has shaped our list of clients with industry leaders and runner-ups in finance, insurance, real estate, auto, education, healthcare, etc.

As for the methodology, running our startup studio has imprinted agile into our DNA. We have built a dozen MVPs and continued developing them over time according to the ever-changing business requirements, honing our ability to optimize for low initial time-to-market and high development velocity on any project we take on. We also internalized and standardized setting up and maintaining adequate codebase test coverage and regularly using CI/CD pipelines, making our lives and codes that much more manageable.

If you would like to collaborate on extending your product team, you can contact us through our website.

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